Messier Deep Sky Objects  M1 to M12

Charles Messier was a French astonomer that lived from 1730 to 1817.  He is know for publishing an astronomical catalog of 110 deep sky objects including star clusters, nebula.  He was a comet hunter and during his observing sessions he would catalog non-comet objects to avoid taking extra time to sort out comets he was looking for.  Messier did not discover all the objects in his catalog, but is credited for a number of them.  The Messier Catalog, M1 to M110, are Northern Hemisphere Objects visible during different time of the year.  It only had 103 objects listed from his offical final version, but objects M104 to M110 were added between 1921 and 1966 as offical Messier Catalog objects.  It was determined that Messier had observed these objects shortly after his offical catalog was published.   

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M1  - The Crab Nebula M2 - Globular Cluster M3 - Globular Cluster

M4 - Globular Cluster M5 - Globular Cluster M6 - The Butterfly Cluster

M7 - The Ptolemy Cluster M8 - The Lagoon Nebula M9 - Globular Cluster

M10 - Globular Cluster M11 - The Wild Duck Cluster M12 - Globular Cluster

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