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Welcome to my Astrophotography Web Site.  I have been involved with Astronomy since High School, when I took my first Astronomy class.  We had access to a local observatory, so I was able to gain experence using the telescopes and taking pictures.
My early experiences with Astrophotography involved taking a number of pictures through my scope with a 35mm camera with Black and White film, then developing Black & White negatives to see if anything turned out.  If things worked out, I would then setup my darkroom and print the  negatives.  I only remember ever getting a hand full of pictures that looked ok. 

Now that I have retired, I have the time to devote to my love of Astronomy.  I have obtained a number of telescopes, mounts and cameras to capture different objects in the sky.  Digital Image processing has also made life much easier and enhanced the images that I have been able to capture. 

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