Messier Globular Clusters

Globular Clusters are tightly packet and symmetrical groupings of stars.  They are commonly found around spiral galaxies.  They also contain some of the oldest stars in the galaxy. Globular Clusters are not typically within the plane of the spiral disk, but form a halo around the galaxy.  There are about 150 know globular clusters in the Milky Way.  Charles Messier identified 29 globular clusters and added them to his Messier Catalog of Astronomical Objects.

Globular Clusters are categorized with the Shapely-Sawyer Concentration Class.  It is on a scale of 1 to 12 using Roman Numerals to rank them according to their core concentration.  Class I represents High Concentration towards the Center, Class VI represents Intermediate mild concentration and Class XII represents almost no concentration towards the center.
I have alway thought Globular Clusters. Over time, I had captured most of the Messier Globular Clusters, so I decided to complete the set. So I set out in the Fall of 2021 to complete the list and finished in the Spring of 2022.  The detailed images can be seen in the Deep Sky Messier Link.

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