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Current Wind Direction N
Average Wind Direction 331 Degrees
Average Wind Speed: 3 mph

Wind Direction Chart
Daily Rainfall Total 0.08 in

Current Solar Output 267.4 W/m 2
Daily Statistics
Temperature: 37.1 °F
Change: 1.79 °F/hr Min: 15.2 °F at 6:46am
Max: 37.3 °F at 1:07pm
Humidity: 69.1 %
Change: -0.1 %/hr Min: 66.2 % at 12:25pm
Max: 94.9 % at 6:53am
Barometer: 30.315 inHg Change: -0.006 inHg/hr
Min: 30.260 inHg at 2:06am
Max: 30.340 inHg at 11:06am
Wind Speed: 10 mph Direction: N Gust: 11 mph at 1:09pm
Rainfall: 0.08 in   Max: 0.08 in at 12:41pm
Dew Point: 27.9 °F   Min: 13.5 °F at 12:12am
Max: 28.7 °F at 1:06pm
Wind Chill: 29.8 °F   Min: 7.2 °F at 2:07am
Max: 37.2 °F at 1:00pm
Heat Index: 39.9 °F   Min: 21.5 °F at 6:46am
Max: 40.3 °F at 1:06pm
Yesterdays Statistics
Temperature Min: 16.0 °F at 11:54pm
Max: 26.7 °F at 12:19pm
Humidity Min: 71.9 % at 2:39pm
Max: 98.3 % at 3:19am
Barometer Min: 30.041 inHg at 12:42am
Max: 30.289 inHg at 10:33pm
Maximum Wind Speed Gust: 17 mph at 3:02pm
Dewpoint Min: 13.9 °F at 11:54pm
Max: 24.5 °F at 12:41am
Wind Chill Min: 4.9 °F at 11:50pm
Heat Index Max: 32.1 °F at 12:41am
Climate Statistics
Todays Heating Degree Days: 20.2
Monthly Heating Degree Days: 273.9
Yearly Heating Degree Days: 4815.4
Todays Cooling Degree Days: 0.0
Monthly Cooling Degree Days: 0.0
Yearly Cooling Degree Days: 802.4
Rain Month to Date: 0.10 in Total Rain Year to Date: 39.79 in
Sunrise: 6:50am
Sunset: 4:38pm
Moonrise: 7:10pm
Moonset: 9:48am